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What Will You Net?

Net Proceeds Calculator

Home Sale Proceeds Calculator. Calculate Net Proceeds.
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This form may be used to calculate an estimate of your net proceeds when selling a home. The closing costs presented here are typical and customary for our area but not guaranteed.

 See disclaimer.

Actual closing costs and net proceeds will depend on the sale price, type of financing and finale negotiations between you and the buyer as specified in your purchase agreement.

1- Remember that real estate taxes are paid six months in arrears.  Also, some mortgages may hold as much as a full year's worth of taxes in escrow. This amount will be a credit to you at closing.

 2 - Home Owners' Insurance is normally paid in advance. Any unused portion of your paid premium. will be credited to you at closing.

Disclaimer: This form has been tested and the math calculations are believed accurate. However, no claim whatever is made that all possible closing costs have been included. Further, since actual charges will be made by others, these, or any other charges, cannot be guaranteed by RE/MAX Valley Real Estate, its agents, or assigns.

PART ONE. Calculate Your Total Equity

Sale Price of Property
Less Mortgage Balance
Less Other Encumbrances (2nd mortgage, liens, etc.)
Add Pre-paids (Pre-paid insurance, taxes, etc.) 2

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PART TWO. Calculate Your Closing Costs

Settlemant/Escrow Fees (does not include deed prep)
Title Guarantee = $3.50 per $1,000.00 of sale price
Transfer Tax = $4.00 per $1,000  of sale price
Real Estate Taxes 1
prorate current year + unpaid portion of previous year*
Binder for Title Search and Commitment
Termite Inspection (estimate $90.00)
Remove EstimateAdd Estimate
Record Mortgage Release ($30 +/-)
Add EstimateRemove Estimate
Home Protection Plan  ( Std. 2-10 $485.00)
Add EstimateRemove Estimate
Corrective Work and/or Allowances
(if any -  often unknown until after home inspection)
Unpaid Assessment(s)   (if any)
Deed Prep
Seller Assisted Financing (2nd mort., carry backs, etc.)
FHA, VA or Lender Discount Points by Seller (if any)
Seller's Loan Fees:
 Add EstimateRemove Estimate
 Add EstimateRemove Estimate
Miscellaneous Charges (if any)
Transaction Fee (if any)
Real Estate Commission  

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